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Cod. CL546XL


compatibile con

Canon Pixma IP 2800 SeriesCanon Pixma IP 2850

Canon Pixma MG 2400 SeriesCanon Pixma MG 2440Canon Pixma MG 2450Canon Pixma MG 2455Canon Pixma MG 2500 SeriesCanon Pixma MG 2540Canon Pixma MG 2550Canon Pixma MG 2550 sCanon Pixma MG 2555Canon Pixma MG 2555 S

Canon Pixma MG 2900 SeriesCanon Pixma MG 2940Canon Pixma MG 2950Canon Pixma MG 2950 S

Canon Pixma MG 3000 SeriesCanon Pixma MG 3050Canon Pixma MG 3050 SeriesCanon Pixma MG 3051Canon Pixma MG 3052Canon Pixma MG 3053

Canon Pixma MX 490 SeriesCanon Pixma MX 494Canon Pixma MX 495Canon Pixma MX 495 white

Canon Pixma TR 4500 SeriesCanon Pixma TR 4540Canon Pixma TR 4541Canon Pixma TR 4550Canon Pixma TR 4551

Canon Pixma TS 205Canon Pixma TS 304Canon Pixma TS 305

Canon Pixma TS 3100 SeriesCanon Pixma TS 3150Canon Pixma TS 3151Canon Pixma TS 3152Canon Pixma TS 3300 SeriesCanon Pixma TS 3350Canon Pixma TS 3350 SeriesCanon Pixma TS 3351Canon Pixma TS 3352

€ 17,00


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